2 Things That Can Stop You From Fulfilling Your Purpose

encouragement purpose Apr 21, 2022

I’ve talked many times about how I feel that my purpose in life is to encourage, motivate and inspire. I want to encourage you, motivate you and inspire you to live a life of joy and happiness. A life where you’re living your purpose. It might be that you’re sitting out there right now and have a longing to discover your own life purpose. Or you might have been inspired by the encouragement from the Daily Dose, discovered that purpose and started down the path of living a life that makes you feel happy and fulfilled.

But then you stop. Or you never get started. And you feel frustrated at your lack of progress but you’re really not sure WHAT’S keeping you from fulfilling your purpose. You just feel stuck.

I want to encourage you to take control now and work to identify what is stopping you. And you might think to yourself that it’s time, or money, or skill. While it’s true that those are all things that may need to be addressed, the truth is that when you say that you don’t have time, money, or skill - you’re not stating a fact. You’re stating a priority. Because those are all things that you can easily find a solution for if your desire is strong enough. So many times, what really stops us from moving forward are things like self-doubt, or other people’s opinions.

Let’s talk about those, starting with self-doubt. Even the most confident people can fall prey to self-doubt sometimes. It’s part of human nature, especially in a world that can often be confusing. Self-doubt is often rooted in fear of failure. To combat fear of failure, pinpoint exactly what you’re afraid will happen. And then ask yourself “what if?”. What if xyz happens? Then answer the question. When you answer the question of what if, all of the sudden you have taken the worst case scenario and created a solution. Now you have a plan. And when you have a plan, everything seems less scary. Fear of failure keeps you small. You are not small, my friend.

Self-doubt is also too often fed by worrying about what other people think of us. The reality is that there’s always going to be some people around you who are naysayers. Those people who tell you all the reasons you can’t do something. Who try to stop your dream or doubt you can achieve it. Don’t listen to them! Because there are also so many people who believe in you. I’m one of them! I’ll also encourage you to become your own biggest cheerleader. To give permission to yourself to be the only voice that matters. You don’t need permission from anyone to live your purpose. If you have the conviction and the will to pursue your passion, you WILL succeed.

I hope this encourages you. I hope it inspires you to really find your purpose. I hope you feel supported and cared for. I hope you hear me cheering you on. You have a purpose. I hope you discover it and then live it.